A Family History

From the 12th century, the history of Domaine d’Astros has seen a succession of Knights Templar, Malta Knights and a prosperous Marseilles family.

“There have always been grapevines and Astros cellars...”

During the 12th century, the Knights Templar settled in the fertile Argens valley, the domain of the Viscounts of Marseille. They were succeeded by the Malta Knights in 1314 and under Philippe Le Bel in 1637. It was there, in the foothills, that they built a commandery. During the French revolution the crude construction was sold, along with the domain, as a national property.


Vineyards Vast

Château d'Astros, a showcase of luxury with the fragrance of yesteryear. From the rear facade, past the generous shade of the pines, the new chais offers the face of a skillfully developed viticulture of which the wines are primed each year in the “Concours Général Agricole” in Paris and the “Concours des Grands Vins de Mâcon”.

From the hill to the Astros canal, the alluvial clay limestone opens its arms wide to the Château d'Astros vineyard. This is where a true wine of character grows, a wine with soft, velvety tannins.


A team made up of competent, passionate people use modern tools to capture the best of the vine, but always with an eye to tradition.

The vinification of Astros wine is entrusted to Patrick Galliano, a graduate of the Oenology department of University of Montpellier. This “aroma sensor” is adept at traditional low-temperature vinification.

“At each stage of production, I seek out all the aromas a wine could reveal. It is then up to us to give it the possibility of expressing them during tasting”.